"Each generation must find its way to bring salt and light to the world.——露丝·克尔

Westmont College has long had a deep commitment to diversity and global engagement. 露丝·可儿太太 had a vision for a college that would educate the whole person, transforming students for a lifetime of service in a variety of careers worldwide, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and heart to meet the great and pressing needs of our time. In 1945 Westmont received a negative decision for re-zoning in Altadena, CA in part because the college would attract students of all classes, 种族和ag娱乐官网. The all white suburb community outside of Pasadena was not in favor of diverse students coming into their community. 结果,奥巴马夫人. Kerr and college officials sought for another property and purchased Rancho El Tejado, the college’s current property in Montecito. Students from all over the country and the world come to study at Westmont in the beautiful Santa Ynez Mountains, making it their college 首页.

Westmont的 承诺 include diversification of our student body, faculty and staff; justice as demonstrated by righteousness and equity in our programs and community, becoming a more reconciling and unified community.

On this site we have placed information and links to our intercultural and global 承诺, 程序描述, 倡议, activities and our aspirations for justice, 和解与多样性 throughout the college. This “Micah site” is a work in progress, constantly evolving to include updated information and stronger articulation of our experiences and our pursuit of intercultural engagement.

Inaugural Director of the Houston Center and Chief Diversity Officer

Dr. 卡梅尔萨德

韦斯特蒙命名为 Dr. 卡梅尔萨德, a psychology professor at the college since 2012, as the inaugural director of the Carol Houston Center for Justice, Reconciliation and Diversity and Westmont的 first chief diversity officer. 

“Carmel will play a vital role at Westmont,” says President Gayle D. 毕比. “In our current social and economic climate, we see a growing need for broader conversations and 倡议 that lead to deeper awareness and understanding. Healthy institutions are learning how to embrace the diversity of its members as part of our core competency as Christians and citizens. 研究 demonstrates that including diverse viewpoints leads to richer discussions, 更多创新产品, 更多创意, better decisions and stronger, 健康的组织."



Micah 6:8 is a verse commonly cited to compel people to act in times of injustice: “Do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God.” This is why Westmont chose this verse as the name of our site that references our work of justice, 和解与多样性. 我们的目标? Ongoing growth as we seek to become a more reconciling community.

These pages on Westmont的 Micah 6:8 site describe our work around justice, 和解, 和多样性. Each section carries information that is important to us as an institution. 然而,我们的工作尚未完成. We continue to strive to be a more reconciling community, to better understand how we could do better, to listen to each other and the Lord, and to be responsive in our thoughts, 单词, 和行动. May He give us strength to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with Him.




Westmont has become an Emerging Hispanic Serving Institution with more than 23% of students identifying as Latino or Hispanic. The designation is a result of local partnerships, improved outreach efforts and the addition of several key college employees. 

College Becomes an Emerging Hispanic Serving Institution 

Grad Uses Poetry to Thank 父母



第一个创eration Students are vibrant and strong members of the Westmont community. Approximately 20% of our students identify as “first gen,” meaning that they have not had a parent or guardian graduate from a four year college in the United States. Each year, Westmont hosts a pre-orientation event for first-generation and international students. 

Affording Your Dream College Event



By Marie Odile Ndayishimiye Uwineza

Finding New Villages Away from Home

When I left my village as I flew away, I knew that God was going to give me new villages. 我只是不知道该怎么做. You would not believe how big my village has become, how many people came together to make sure that I had all I needed to thrive...

Hope and Faith Carry Sisters Safely to College


“A lot of times we felt we couldn’t go on,” Rosario says. “When we lost hope, we prayed and prayed, and sometimes we gained hope. 这就是我们在这里的原因. 有信心. You can do it if we can do it.”

Provost Featured in Montecito Journal


We are celebrating Black History Month with Kimberly Battle-Walters Denu, PhD.



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